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omero-server 5.6.10 API

Package Description
Non-client service API for OMERO
The central repository of implementations which will be accessible through this server.
JBoss and OMERO security handling
Basic OMERO security contextual classes
Extensible service and security policies which can influence whether a user, group, or other agent can perform a certain action.
Base services package for OMERO API services
Implementations of the ome.api.IDelete service.
All necessary classes for background indexing of metadata and attached binary files.
Custom FieldBridge implementations which can be configured to be run on each indexing activity.
Server classes for handling complicated graphs of model objects.
General mail services.
Message implementations used throughout the server for internal communication.
Internal process and process management
Script processor infrastructure.
facilitates the creation of Hibernate Queries and Criteria.
Internal search implementation classes.
Helper classes to support OMERO service beans
OMERO Server Utility and Spring/Hibernate Tools
Hibernate specific tools for the OMERO Server
Life Science Identifier (LSID) tools
OMERO Server tools specific to Spring
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