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Various software packages are required to be installed in order to build from source. Several of these may also be built and installed by this super-build. However, note that the super-build cannot provide all prerequisites; some will still need installing before building, shown in the table below.

  Version When required
Package Recommended Minimum Source build Client build Deploy
CMake 3.5 3.2  
Git 2.9.x 1.7.x  
Optional, needed only if building from a git repository

Basic toolchain CMake Git

Quick start

Install the following packages to build OME-Files C++. A subset of these packages (or their dependencies) may be used for deployment, where the development package headers and tools for building documentation etc. are not required. Run the appropriate command below for your platform to install the build dependencies:

Install the following:


BSD Ports
pkg install cmake git
apt-get install build-essential cmake git

Homebrew and RedHat/CentOS do not provide packages for everything that is needed. The commands listed will install most of the dependencies, but further dependencies will need to be installed as described in various sections below.

Install Xcode, then brew install cmake git
yum groupinstall "Development Tools", then yum install git; install cmake by hand.

Additional prerequisites

The super-build is a generic framework for building C++ software components. Depending upon which component (or components) are requested to be built, additional prerequisites may be required. Additionally, the super-build may be configured with different options to customise the build, and this may also cause additional prerequisites to be added.