QuickTime Movie

Extensions: .mov

Owner: Apple Computer


BSD-licensed: Yes

Export: Yes

Officially Supported Versions:


Writer: QTWriter (Source Code)

Freely Available Software:

We currently have:

We would like to have:

  • more QuickTime datasets, including:
    • files compressed with a common, unsupported codec
    • files with audio tracks and/or multiple video tracks


Pixels: 3 - Good

Metadata: 2 - Fair

Openness: 2 - Fair

Presence: 5 - Outstanding

Utility: 1 - Poor

Additional Information

Bio-Formats has two modes of operation for QuickTime:

  • The legacy QTJava mode requires QuickTime for Java which will only run with a 32-bit JVM and is no longer available from Apple.
  • Native mode works on systems with no QuickTime (e.g. Linux).

Bio-Formats can save image stacks as QuickTime movies. The following table shows supported codecs:

Codec Description Native LegacyQTJava
raw Full Frames (Uncompressed) read & write read & write
iraw Intel YUV Uncompressed read only read & write
rle Animation (run length encoded RGB) read only read & write
jpeg Still Image JPEG DIB read only read only
rpza Apple Video 16 bit “road pizza” read only (partial) read only
mjpb Motion JPEG codec read only read only
cvid Cinepak
read & write
svq1 Sorenson Video
read & write
svq3 Sorenson Video 3
read & write
mp4v MPEG-4
read & write
h263 H.263
read & write