Nikon NIS-Elements ND2

Extensions: .nd2

Developer: Nikon USA


BSD-licensed: No

Export: No

Officially Supported Versions:


Freely Available Software:

We currently have:

We would like to have:

  • an official specification document


Pixels: 4 - Very Good

Metadata: 2 - Fair

Openness: 2 - Fair

Presence: 4 - Very Good

Utility: 4 - Very Good

Additional Information

Additional options are available for reading or writing this format type, see Additional reader and writer options for information.

There are two distinct versions of ND2: an old version, which uses JPEG-2000 compression, and a new version which is either uncompressed or Zip-compressed. We are not aware of the version number or release date for either format.

Bio-Formats uses the JAI Image I/O Tools library to read ND2 files compressed with JPEG-2000.

There is also a legacy ND2 reader that uses Nikon’s native libraries. To use it, you must be using Windows 32-bit and have Nikon’s ND2 reader plugin for ImageJ installed. Additionally, you will need to download LegacyND2Reader.dll and place it in your ImageJ plugin folder. Note that this reader is unmaintained and no additional support effort will be made.