What’s new for OMERO 5.4 for sysadmins

  • Version requirements has been updated to reflect other changes in version support for 5.4.0 and tentative plans for 5.5.0.
  • Walkthroughs have been added for installing OMERO.web either separately from or with OMERO.server on a variety of platforms.
  • A walkthrough has been added for OMERO.server installation on Debian 9.
  • A walkthrough has been added to Publishing data using OMERO.web, based on a concrete use-case in Dundee. See Full example of hosting data for a publication for more info.
  • Administrators with restricted privileges can now be created to allow facility managers, image analysts etc. to organize users and data in OMERO without having to be granted full administrator privileges. Full administrators and administrators with restricted privileges can now create Project/Dataset/Screen on behalf of other users in OMERO.web or transfer all the data of a given user using the chown command.
  • The Public user is restricted to GET requests by default. This can be changed by setting the new configuration property omero.web.public.get_only.
  • It is now possible to include an html template in the base core_html template so it can be used for all webclient pages.
  • The OMERO.web part of the omero admin diagnostics command has been moved to omero web diagnostics as OMERO.web can be installed separately from the OMERO.server.

For a full list of bug fixes and other improvements, see the CHANGELOGS.