System Administrator Documentation

This documentation begins with information aimed at OS-level administrators and moves on to day-to-day management of OMERO for facility managers (who may find it useful to read the Facility Managers help guide for an overview first).


This section provides guidance on how to install and set up OMERO.server and OMERO.web on any of the supported UNIX and UNIX-like platforms. Following the installation links below you will find specific walkthroughs provided for several systems, with detailed step-by-step instructions. Reading through the OMERO.server installation and OMERO.web installation pages first is recommended as this explains the entire process rather than just being a series of commands.

Maintenance and Upgrading

This section contains instructions for administering, troubleshooting, backing-up, and upgrading your installation.

Optimizing Server Configuration

This section discusses the options for configuring OMERO.server for optimum performance and security.

Managing OMERO

This section contains details on how to manage users, groups and data access in OMERO. New in OMERO 5.4.0, full administrators can now create restricted administrators to allow facility managers or other trusted users to carry out tasks on behalf of all users.

Data Import and Storage

This section contains details of how OMERO.fs allows you to import and store data with OMERO 5.

Optimizing OMERO as a Data Repository

This section explains how to customize the appearance and functionality of OMERO clients to host images for groups or public viewing.