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This documentation is for OMERO 5.2. This version is now in maintenance mode and will only be updated in the event of critical bugs or security concerns. OMERO 5.3 is expected in the first quarter of 2017.

Directory contentsΒΆ

The repository of the software artifacts is organized as follows:

  • build: This directory contains the tools to compile, run, test, and deliver the application.
  • config: Various configuration files required by the application to run.
  • docgen: Documentation artifacts that are used to build actual documents. These are organized in two sub-directories: javadoc and xdocs. The former only contains resources (like CSS files) to generate programmer’s documentation – the actual documentation contents are obtained from the source code. The latter contains both resources (like stylesheets and DHTML code) to generate all other kinds of documentation (like design and users documents) and the actual documentation contents in the form of XML/HTML files.
  • launch: Launcher scripts and installation instructions bundled with the default application distribution file. Its sub-dirs contain further resources to build platform-specific distributions.
  • SRC: Contains the application source files.
  • TEST: The test code.
  • README: The README file.