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This documentation is for OMERO 5.2. This version is now in maintenance mode and will only be updated in the event of critical bugs or security concerns. OMERO 5.3 is expected in the first quarter of 2017.

Contributing to OMERO.insight


See the Contributing Developer documentation for more information about contributing to OME projects in general.

Getting started with OMERO.insight

Getting started with OMERO.insight entails that you have an OMERO.server already deployed.

Installing from source

Since January 2011, the OMERO.insight code base is part of the OMERO code base. See Installing OMERO from source, to check out code using


  • Install a Java 7+ Development Kit (JDK), available from Java SE Downloads and required for both the OMERO server and client code. Set the JAVA_HOME environment variable to your JDK installation.

Running code

It is helpful to set up the project in Eclipse. Because the OMERO Java and Python source files are encoded in UTF-8, ensure that the encoding in Eclipse (Preferences ‣ General ‣ Workspace ‣ Text file encoding) is also set to UTF-8.

Build system

See Build System for details.

The OME project currently uses Jenkins (formerly known as hudson) as a continuous integration server available here. OMERO.insight is built as part of the “OMERO” jobs. See the contributing developer continuous integration documentation for full details.