OmeroBlitz API
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[ "deprecate:use omero::cmd::DiskUsage2Response instead" ] class DiskUsageResponse extends Response

Disk usage report: bytes used and non-empty file counts on the repository file-system for specific objects. The counts from the maps may sum to more than the total if different types of object refer to the same file. Common referrers include: Annotation for file annotations FilesetEntry for OMERO 5 image files (OMERO.fs) Job for import logs Pixels for pyramids and OMERO 4 images and archived files Thumbnail for the image thumbnails The above map values are broken down by owner-group keys.

use omero::cmd::DiskUsage2Response instead

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Data Members

api::LongPairToStringIntMap fileCountByReferer;

This member is deprecated.

api::LongPairToStringLongMap bytesUsedByReferer;

This member is deprecated.

api::LongPairIntMap totalFileCount;

This member is deprecated.

api::LongPairLongMap totalBytesUsed;

This member is deprecated.

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