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Releases are infrequent. In addition to the general steps, the Windows solution and project files require creating for the supported versions of Visual Studio. Also, the project files at the time of writing have broken ICU support and require special patching to function. See the patch collection under packages/xalan/patches. Each patch will require re-diffing against the new release (see Regenerating patches), with the exception of the Windows VC patches, which need regenerating as follows:

  • delete win-vc*.diff files under packages/xalan/patches

For each Visual Studio version:

  • unpack the new xalan-c sources

  • make a copy of the sources (xalan-c-nn.orig)

  • make a second copy of the source (xalan-c-nn.vcmm)

  • copy xalan-c-nn.vcmm/c/Projects/Win32/VC10/Xalan.sln to xalan-c-nn.vcmm/c/Projects/Win32/VCmm/Xalan.sln

  • start the Visual Studio application

  • open xalan-c-nn.vcmm/c/Projects/Win32/VCmm/Xalan.sln, and allow Visual Studio to upgrade the projects to the current version

  • save the solution (you must Save As to overwrite the existing solution; Save is insufficient)

  • apply this change to XalanExe.vcxproj (shown here for VC12):

    --- a/VC12/XalanExe/XalanExe.vcxproj
    +++ b/VC12/XalanExe/XalanExe.vcxproj
    @@ -546,11 +546,11 @@
         <ClCompile Include="..\..\..\..\src\xalanc\XalanExe\XalanExe.cpp" />
    -    <ProjectReference Include="..\AllInOne\AllInOne.vcxproj">
    +    <ProjectReference Include="..\AllInOne\AllInOne.vcxproj" Condition="'$(Configuration)'=='Debug' Or '$(Configuration)'=='Release'">
    -    <ProjectReference Include="..\AllInOne\AllInOneWithICU.vcxproj">
    +    <ProjectReference Include="..\AllInOne\AllInOneWithICU.vcxproj" Condition="'$(Configuration)'=='Debug with ICU' Or '$(Configuration)'=='Release with ICU'">
  • create a diff with diff -urN xalan-c-nn.orig xalan-c-nn.vcmm > win-vcmm.diff

  • copy the diff to packages/xalan/patches/

  • ensure the patch is included in the series file