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Releases are approximately six-monthly to annually. In addition to the general steps, the Windows solution and project files require creating for the supported versions of Visual Studio.

  • delete win-vc*.diff files under packages/icu/patches

For each Visual Studio version:

  • unpack the new ICU sources
  • make a copy of the sources (icu-nn.orig)
  • make a second copy of the source (icu-nn.vcmm)
  • start the Visual Studio application
  • open icu-nn.vcmm/source/allinone/allinone.sln, and allow Visual Studio to upgrade the projects to the current version
  • save the solution (you must Save As to overwrite the existing solution; Save is insufficient)
  • create a diff with diff -urN icu-nn.orig icu-nn.vcmm > win-vcmm.diff
  • copy the diff to packages/icu/patches/
  • ensure the patch is included in the corresponding series-vcmm file