Release jobs

The following table lists the main Jenkins jobs used during the release process. All release jobs should be listed under the Release view.

Job task OMERO
Trigger the OMERO release jobs OMERO-DEV-release-trigger
Tags the OMERO source code repository OMERO-DEV-release-push
Build the OMERO download artifacts OMERO-DEV-release
Generate the OMERO downloads page OMERO-DEV-release-downloads
Deploy the documentation for the decoupled repositories OMERO-DEV-release-artifacts
Job task Bio-Formats
Build the Bio-Formats download artifacts BIOFORMATS-DEV-release



This job builds the Java downloads artifacts of Bio-Formats

  1. Checks out the v:envvar:RELEASE tag of
  2. Builds Bio-Formats using clean release tools utils docs docs-sphinx dist-bftools dist-matlab dist-octave test
  3. Downloads the documentation artifacts from OME artifactory
  4. Copies the build artifacts to a LDAP-protected folder under



This job triggers the OMERO release jobs. Prior to running it, its variables need to be properly configured:

  • RELEASE is the OMERO release number.
  • ANNOUNCEMENT_URL is the URL of the forum release announcement and should be set to the value of the URL of the private post until it becomes public.
  • MILESTONE is the name of the Trac milestone which the download pages should be linked to.
  1. Triggers OMERO-DEV-release-push
  2. Triggers OMERO-DEV-release

See the build graph


This job creates a tag on the develop branch

  1. Runs scc tag-release $RELEASE and pushes the tag to the snoopycrimecop fork of openmicroscopy.git

This matrix job builds the OMERO components with Ice 3.6

  1. Checks out the RELEASE tag of the snoopycrimecop fork of openmicroscopy.git
  2. Builds the OMERO.server and the clients using
  3. Executes the release-hudson target for the ome.staging Maven repository
  4. Copies the build artifacts to a LDAP-protected folder under
  5. Triggers OMERO-DEV-release-downloads

This job builds the OMERO downloads page

  1. Checks out the develop branch of
  2. Runs make clean omero

This job deploys the Javadoc and the slice2html documentation

  1. Loops through omero-{model,common,romio,renderer,server,blitz,gateway-java}
  2. Checks the latest version available on
  3. Deploys the documentation in the respective directory

Documentation release jobs are documented on Documentation jobs.