Extensions: .ome.tiff, .ome.tif, .ome.tf2, .ome.tf8, .ome.btf

Developer: Open Microscopy Environment


BSD-licensed: Yes

Export: Yes

Officially Supported Versions: 2003FC, 2007-06, 2008-02, 2008-09, 2009-09, 2010-04, 2010-06, 2011-06, 2012-06, 2013-06, 2015-01, 2016-06

Reader: OMETiffReader (Source Code, Supported Metadata Fields)

Writer: OMETiffWriter (Source Code)

We currently have:


Pixels: 5 - Outstanding

Metadata: 5 - Outstanding

Openness: 5 - Outstanding

Presence: 2 - Fair

Utility: 5 - Outstanding

Additional Information

Additional options are available for reading or writing this format type, see Additional reader and writer options for information.

Bio-Formats can save image stacks as OME-TIFF.

Commercial applications that support OME-TIFF are listed on our commercial partners page