Under the etc/ directory in both the source and the binary distributions, several files are provided which help to configure OMERO.server:


Since 5.5, the following repositories now have a properties file with the properties used in the repository itself. See,,,


Required by Hibernate since some properties are only configurable via a file


Logging configuration


The properties that you will most likely want to change


Local file overriding etc/ (used by build only)

The most useful of the properties are listed in a glossary.

On creation of an OmeroContext, the lookup for properties is (first wins):

  • Properties passed into the constructor (if none, then the default properties in config.xml)

  • set via “java -Dproperty=value”

  • Configuration files in order listed.

This ordering is defined for the various components via “placeholder configurers” in the following file in omero-server:

Once configured at start, all values declared in one of the mentioned ways can be used in Spring configurations via the syntax:

<bean id=…>
  <property name="mySetter" value="${}"/>