OMERO 5.6.2 Documentation

The OMERO 5.6.2 documentation is divided into three parts:

OMERO Overview and CLI User Documentation introduces the user-facing client applications and how to get started, details the CLI client, and indicates where users can access further help and support.

System Administrator Documentation includes instructions for installing and configuring an OMERO server and also information on managing users and data, a task which full system administrators can now delegate to facility managers or other trusted users using the new ‘restricted administrator’ role.

Developers can find more specific and technical information about OMERO in the Developer Documentation.

Additional online resources can be found at:

OMERO 5.6.2 uses the June 2016 schema of the OME Data Model. The CHANGELOGS page details the development of OMERO functionality over time.

A summary of breaking changes and new features for 5.6.2 can be found on the pages below:

The source code is hosted on Github. To propose changes and fix errors, go to the documentation repository, fork it, edit the file contents and propose your file changes to the OME team using Pull Requests. Alternatively, click on “Edit on GitHub” in the menu.