Administrator restrictions: relating OMERO.webadmin to OMERO.server


OMERO allows you to create administrators with a subset of the full administrator privileges, see Administrators with restricted privileges. The OMERO.web user interface form for creation and editing of restricted administrators (see the creating Administrators with restricted privileges section) collates the server-side privileges into fewer options and gives the options user-friendly names. Here, the mapping of the OMERO.web options to the server-side privileges is given. The server-side privileges are more granular and direct work with them is possible on the CLI, as described in Adjusting administrator restrictions.

Map of the OMERO.web UI options to the server-side privileges

Option in OMERO.web Server-side privilege(s)
Sudo Sudo
Write data WriteOwned, WriteFile, WriteManagedRepo
Delete data DeleteOwned, DeleteFile, DeleteManagedRepo
Chgrp Chgrp
Chown Chown
Create and Edit groups ModifyGroup
Create and Edit Users ModifyUser
Add Users to Groups ModifyGroupMembership
Upload Scripts WriteScriptRepo, DeleteScriptRepo


CLI lists restrictions, OMERO.web lists privileges The lists shown using CLI commands recommended in Adjusting administrator restrictions will be complementary lists to the ones which can be deduced from the table above.


ReadSession privilege is never given to restricted admin In OMERO.web, you can never create an administrator with restricted privileges who has the “ReadSession” privilege.