What’s new for OMERO 5.4 for users

Updates and new features for OMERO 5.4 include:

  • Your system administrator can now create Administrators with restricted privileges to allow facility managers, image analysts etc. to organize users and data in OMERO without having to be granted full administrator privileges. This is a way to cater for the needs for some trusted users to act on behalf of all the OMERO users in a facility, with access to all the groups and data in OMERO. Full administrators and administrators with restricted privileges can now create Project/Dataset/Screen on behalf of other users in OMERO.web or transfer all the data of a given user using the chown command.
  • Improvements to OMERO.web including the display of fields within Wells, handling of float images with small dynamic range and the ability to export images in plate as OME-TIFF as well as a number of minor bug fixes.
  • The ‘Reverse Intensity’ command in the image viewers has been renamed to ‘Invert’.
  • The display of Tables data removed in 5.3 has been added back to the Image Viewer.
  • Updated Bio-Formats bringing improved file format support.

See the User help website for information on how to incorporate these new features into your current workflows.