What’s new for OMERO 5.4 for developers

Python BlitzGateway

  • New in 5.4.0 are Restricted Administrators. These are Admins that have a subset of Full Admin privileges.

  • Previously if conn.isAdmin() is true for the current user, they could perform all actions allowed for Full Admins.

  • Now, this will return True for Full Admins and Restricted Admins, but the user may not be allowed to perform some actions.

  • Use conn.isFullAdmin() to check if user is a Full Administrator.

  • To get the current user’s privileges, use conn.getCurrentAdminPrivileges()

  • This will return list e.g. ["Chgrp", "Chown", "ModifyGroup", "ModifyGroupMembership", Sudo", "DeleteFile"]

  • Can also check this for another user with conn.getAdminPrivileges(user_id)

  • For a full list of available privileges, use:

    for p in conn.getEnumerationEntries('AdminPrivilege'):
        print p.getValue()
  • See Administrators with restricted privileges to know which privileges are required for which actions.

Java Gateway

Integration tests

  • Provide a way for applications and plugins in separate repositories to more simply run integration tests. See omero-test-infra for more information.



Python BlitzGateway

  • channel.isReverseIntensity(). Renamed to channel.isInverted().
  • image.setReverseIntensity(). Renamed to image.setChannelInverted().
  • image.setActiveChannels(reverseMaps) parameter renamed to invertMaps.
  • In conn.createOriginalFileFromFileObj() and conn.createOriginalFileFromLocalFile() the ns parameter is deprecated.