Editing OMERO.webΒΆ

If you need to make changes to OMERO.web itself, then you will want to check out the OMERO source code and build the server as described in Installing OMERO from source.

You will then have 2 copies of the OMERO.web code - source code under components/tools/OmeroWeb/omeroweb and the server build under dist/lib/python/omeroweb.

In order to avoid a build step during development, you can delete the omeroweb code under dist and replace it with a sym-link to the source code:

$ rm -rf dist/lib/python/omeroweb
$ ln -s /path/to/openmicroscopy/components/tools/OmeroWeb/omeroweb/ /path/to/openmicroscopy/dist/lib/python

You can then run OMERO.web using either of the methods described at OMERO.web installation for developers, refreshing the browser after saving your code.