Available transformations

Available transforms Direction Status
2003-FC-to-2007-06.xsl upgrade excellent
2003-FC-to-2008-09.xsl upgrade excellent
2007-06-to-2008-02.xsl upgrade excellent
2007-06-to-2008-09.xsl upgrade excellent
2008-02-to-2008-09.xsl upgrade excellent
2008-09-to-2009-09.xsl upgrade excellent
2009-09-to-2010-04.xsl upgrade excellent
2010-04-to-2010-06.xsl upgrade excellent
2010-06-to-2011-06.xsl upgrade excellent
2011-06-to-2012-06.xsl upgrade excellent
2012-06-to-2013-06.xsl upgrade excellent
2013-06-to-2015-01.xsl upgrade excellent
2010-06-to-2003-FC.xsl downgrade poor (very lossy)
2010-06-to-2008-02.xsl downgrade fair (lossy)
2011-06-to-2010-06.xsl downgrade good
2012-06-to-2011-06.xsl downgrade good
2013-06-to-2012-06.xsl downgrade good
2015-01-to-2013-06.xsl downgrade good

Quality of transformations

Quality of Transformations

Key to quality

  • poor (very lossy) - the bare minimum of metadata is preserved to allow image display, all other metadata is lost
  • fair (lossy) - a portion of the metadata is preserved, at least enough to display the image and some other data, it will be far from complete however
  • good - most information is preserved, it may be possible to do a better job but could be difficult for technical reasons or require custom code not just a transform
  • excellent - as much information as possible is preserved, some values can still be lost if there are completely incompatible with the new schema

Matrix of transformation paths

This shows the sequence of transformations used to convert one version of the schema to another version.

Transformation Paths