With the release of OMERO 5.3.0, the OMERO.insight desktop client has entered maintenance mode, meaning it will only be updated if a major bug is discovered. Instead, the OME team will be focusing on developing the web clients. As a result, coding against this client is no longer recommended.

The source code is organized as follows. All classes share a common base namespace:


Two main packages sit under the shoola directory:

  • agents: All the classes related to concrete agents.
  • env: All the classes that make up the runtime environment, that is the container.

The agents package is further broken down into:

  • events
  • dataBrowser
  • imviewer
  • measurement
  • metadata
  • treeviewer
  • util

These packages contain the code for the Data Browser, Data Manager, Viewer, and Measurement agents. The events package contains the events that are used by all these agents.

The env package is also broken down into further sub-packages:

  • config: Registry-related classes.
  • data: Defines the client’s side interface and implementation of the Remote Facade that we use to access the OMERO server.
  • event: The event bus classes.
  • init: Classes to perform initialization tasks at start-up.
  • log: Adapter classes to wrap log4j.
  • cache: Adapter classes to wrap ehcache.
  • rnd: The image data provider.
  • ui: The top frame window and the user notification widgets.


Two extra packages are part of the project for convenience reason only:

  • svc: Provides general services e.g. transport service using HTTP.
  • util: Collection of classes that be used outside the OMERO structure