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This documentation is for the new OMERO 5.3 version. See the latest OMERO 5.2.x version or the previous versions page to find documentation for the OMERO version you are using if you have not upgraded yet.

Customize OMERO clients

The OMERO clients offer a flexible user interface that can be customized. The sections below describe how to set up these features.

Note that depending on the deployment choice, OMERO.web will not activate configuration changes until gunicorn is restarted using bin/omero web restart.

Index page

Create new custom template in /your/path/to/templates/mytemplate/index.html and add the following:

$ bin/omero config set omero.web.template_dirs '/your/path/to/templates/'
$ bin/omero config set omero.web.index_template 'mytemplate/index.html'

Note that users will no longer be automatically redirected to the login page once an index page is added.

Login page

omero.web.login_logo allows you to customize the webclient login page with your own logo. Logo images should ideally be 150 pixels high or less and will appear above the OMERO logo. You will need to host the image somewhere else and link to it with:

$ bin/omero config set omero.web.login_logo 'http://www.url/to/image.png'

Login redirection

omero.web.login_redirect property redirects to the given location after logging in:

$ bin/omero config set omero.web.login_redirect '{"redirect": ["webindex"], "viewname": "load_template", "args":["userdata"], "query_string": "experimenter=-1"}'

Open With option

omero.web.open_with adds entry to the Open with right-click menu in tree:

$ bin/omero config append omero.web.open_with '["omero_figure", "new_figure",
  {"supported_objects":["images"], "target": "_blank", "label": "OMERO.figure"}]'

Group and Users in dropdown menu

Customize the groups and users dropdown menu by changing the labels or hiding the entire list:

$ bin/omero config set "Owners"
$ bin/omero config set true
$ bin/omero config set "Members"
$ bin/omero config set true
$ bin/omero config set "All Members"
$ bin/omero config set false

Orphaned container allows you to change the name of the “Orphaned images” container located in the client data manager tree:

$ bin/omero config set "Orphaned images"

Disabling scripts

omero.client.scripts_to_ignore hides the scripts that the clients should not display:

$ bin/omero config append omero.client.scripts_to_ignore "/my_scripts/"

Download restrictions

omero.policy.binary_access determines whether users can access binary files from disk. Binary access includes all attempts to download a file from the UI:

$ bin/omero config set omero.policy.binary_access "+read,+write,+image"