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This documentation is for OMERO 5.2. This version is now in maintenance mode and will only be updated in the event of critical bugs or security concerns. OMERO 5.3 is expected in the first quarter of 2017.

What’s new for OMERO 5.2 for sysadmins

  • OMERO clients are no longer distributed as Java Web Start applications. This decision is discussed at length in our Java Web Start blog post. We recognize that this will be problematic for some institutional users and are working to expand the functionality of OMERO.web to mitigate this as far as possible.
  • The Version requirements section provides extensive details about which operating systems and dependency versions we intend to support for the life of 5.2 and the likely changes to these for the next major release (currently planned to be 5.3). Most notably, we have dropped support for Java 1.6 and changed the Python dependencies.
  • The OMERO.web framework no longer bundles a copy of the Django package, instead manual installation of the Django dependency is required. It is highly recommended to use Django 1.8 (LTS) which requires Python 2.7. For more information see Python on the Version requirements page.
  • FastCGI support was removed in OMERO 5.2 and OMERO.web can be deployed using WSGI Deployment (Unix/Linux).
  • The configuration property omero.graphs.wrap which allowed switching back to the old server code for moving and deleting data has now been removed. You must migrate to using the new request operations.
  • Add support for Ice 3.6. With Ice 3.6, the Python bindings are provided separately. This allows to install the RPM packages provided by ZeroC. Then run pip install zeroc-ice to install the Ice Python bindings if your package manager does not provide the Ice python packages.