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This documentation is for the new OMERO 5.2 version. See the latest OMERO 5.1.x version or the previous versions page to find documentation for the OMERO version you are using if you have not upgraded yet.

Manage tags

The omero tag subcommands manage the creation, linking and listing of tag annotations. All subcommands can be listed using the -h option:

$ bin/omero tag -h

Create tags

To create a new tag annotation, use the omero tag create command:

$ bin/omero tag create
Please enter a name for this tag: my_tag

To create a tag set containing two existing tags of known identifiers 1259 and 1260, use the omero tag createset command:

$ bin/omero tag createset --tag 1259 1260
Please enter a name for this tag set: my_tag_set

For both tags and tag sets, the name and an optional description can be passed using the --name and --desc options:

$ bin/omero tag create --name my_tag --desc 'description of my_tag'
$ bin/omero tag createset --tag 1259 1260 --name my_tag_set --desc 'description of my_tag_set'

List tags

To list all the tags owned by the current user, use the omero tag list command:

$ bin/omero tag list
+- 1261:'my_tag_set'
| +- 1259:'my_tag'
| +- 1260:'my_tag_2'
+- 1264:'my_tag_set_2'
| +- 1260:'my_tag_2'
| +- 1263:'my_tag_4'

Orphaned tags:
> 1262:'my_tag_3'

To list all the tag sets owned by the current user, use the omero tag listsets command:

$ bin/omero tag listsets
ID      |Name
1261    |my_tag_set
1264    |my_tag_set_2

Delete tags

Tags can be deleted using the omero delete command. The tag or tag set must be specified as TagAnnotation:tag_id. To delete tag 123 use:

$ bin/omero delete TagAnnotation:123

By default the tags within a tag set will not be deleted with the tag set. To delete any included tags use the --include option:

$ bin/omero delete TagAnnotation:123 --include TagAnnotation

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