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What’s new for OMERO 5

  • Omero logging and Properties have been updated to explain the new logging configuration in OMERO.fs.
  • Deleting in OMERO has been updated to explain how OMERO 5 handles deleting multi-file images and image sets and to clarify the finality of deletion.
  • OMERO.fs has been updated to give an overview of the OMERO.fs project, and further details of the FS Managed Repository are being added.
  • OMERO.web has been upgraded to Django 1.6, requiring Python 2.6.5 or later. This enables more flexibility for developing new web apps and plugins. All the OMERO.web documentation has been updated to reflect these changes.
  • Introduction to OMERO.scripts and MATLAB and Python have been updated to reflect that MATLAB and Jython scripts are now supported natively.
  • Guidance for getting more involved with OME, and contributing to both OMERO and Bio-Formats, has been moved to our new Contributing Developer Documentation section so it is easier to find. It has also been updated to better explain our development processes.
  • OMERO Python language bindings describes additions to the BlitzGateway API to support Filesets.