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OMERO 5.0.0-rc1 DocumentationΒΆ

The OMERO 5.0.0-rc1 documentation is divided into three parts. About the OMERO Platform introduces the user-facing client applications and how to get started, as well as detailing where users can access further help and support. System administrators wanting to install an OMERO server can find instructions in the System Administrator Documentation. Finally, developers can find more specific and technical information about OMERO in the Developer Documentation.

Additional online resources can be found at:

OMERO version 5 uses the June 2013 release of the OME-Model.

This documentation is a work in progress and many aspects of OMERO are not yet covered. For those already familiar with the documentation, there are summaries of changes available which will be updated as needed:

The source code is hosted on Github. To propose changes and fix errors, go to the documentation repository, fork it, edit the file contents and propose your file changes to the OME team using Pull Requests.