OME-XML Java library

The OME-XML Java library is a collection of Java packages for manipulating OME-XML metadata structures. The OME-XML Java library’s metadata processing facilities form the backbone of the Bio-Formats library’s support for OME-XML conversion.


ome-xml.jar is included in bioformats_package.jar available to download from the Bio-Formats download page. Alternatively, the individual artifact ome-xml.jar is hosted at Maven Central under the group org.openmicroscopy. The license is LGPL.


To use, add ome-xml.jar to your classpath or build path.


Refer to the online API documentation, specifically the ome.xml.* packages. For an example of usage, see the Screen Plate Well unit test.

The OMENode is the root (“OME”) node of the OME-XML. Each XML element has its own node type (e.g. “Image” has ImageNode) with its own accessor and mutator methods, to make navigation of the OME-XML structure easier than it would be with a raw DOM object. However, there are some limitations to what can be done with the API. If your application needs access to a node’s backing DOM element to work with it directly, you can call getDOMElement() on a node.

Source code

The OME-XML Java library is an open source project—the source code is freely accessible via our Git repository. See these instructions for details on accessing the code.

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