Scripts for performing development tasks

The tools directory contains several scripts which are useful for building and performing routine updates to the code base.

This updates the Maven POM version numbers for all pom.xml files that set groupId to ome. The script takes a single argument, which is the new version. For example, to update the POM versions prior to release:

./tools/ 5.1.0

and to switch back to snapshot versions immediately after release:

./tools/ 5.1.1-SNAPSHOT


This is the script used by Travis to test each commit. It compiles and runs tests on each of the components in the Bio-Formats repository according to the arguments specified. Valid arguments are:

  • clean: cleans the Maven build directories

  • maven: builds all Java components using Maven and runs unit tests

  • ant: builds all Java components using Ant and runs unit tests

  • all: equivalent of clean maven ant