Extensions: .lei, .tif

Developer: Leica Microsystems CMS GmbH

Owner: Leica Microsystems


BSD-licensed: No

Export: No

Officially Supported Versions:

Reader: LeicaReader (Source Code, Supported Metadata Fields)

Freely Available Software:

We currently have:

  • an LEI specification document (beta 2.000, from no later than 2004 February 17, in PDF)

  • many LEI datasets


Pixels: 5 - Outstanding

Metadata: 5 - Outstanding

Openness: 4 - Very Good

Presence: 4 - Very Good

Utility: 4 - Very Good

Additional Information

Please note that while we have specification documents for this format, we are not able to distribute them to third parties.

LCS stands for “Leica Confocal Software”. LEI presumably stands for “Leica Experimental Information”.

Commercial applications that support LEI include: