JPEG 2000

Extensions: .jp2, .j2k, .jpf

Developer: Independent JPEG Group


BSD-licensed: Yes

Export: Yes

Officially Supported Versions:

Reader: JPEG2000Reader (Source Code, Supported Metadata Fields)

Writer: JPEG2000Writer (Source Code)

Freely Available Software:

We currently have:

  • a JPEG 2000 specification document (free draft from 2000, no longer available online)

  • a few .jp2 files


Pixels: 4 - Very Good

Metadata: 5 - Outstanding

Openness: 5 - Outstanding

Presence: 3 - Good

Utility: 1 - Poor

Additional Information

Bio-Formats uses the JAI Image I/O Tools library to read JP2 files. Conflicting versions of this no-longer-maintained library may cause errors, see JAI ImageIO component for details.

JPEG stands for “Joint Photographic Experts Group”.