Improvision Openlab LIFFΒΆ

Extensions: .liff

Developer: Improvision

Owner: PerkinElmer


BSD-licensed: No

Export: No

Officially Supported Versions: 2.0, 5.0

Reader: OpenlabReader (Source Code, Supported Metadata Fields)

We currently have:

  • an Openlab specification document (from 2000 February 8, in DOC)
  • Improvision’s XLIFFFileImporter code for reading Openlab LIFF v5 files (from 2006, in C++)
  • several Openlab datasets

We would like to have:

  • more Openlab datasets (preferably with 32-bit integer data)


Pixels: 4 - Very Good

Metadata: 4 - Very Good

Openness: 4 - Very Good

Presence: 3 - Good

Utility: 2 - Fair

Additional Information

Please note that while we have specification documents for this format, we are not able to distribute them to third parties.

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