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Leica LAS AF LIF (Leica Image File Format)ΒΆ

Extensions: .lif

Developer: Leica Microsystems CMS GmbH

Owner: Leica


BSD-licensed: No

Export: No

Officially Supported Versions: 1.0, 2.0

Reader: LIFReader (Source Code, Supported Metadata Fields)

Freely Available Software:

We currently have:

  • a LIF/XLLF/XLEF/LOF specification document (version 3.2, from no later than 2016 December 15, in PDF)
  • a LIF specification document (version 2, from no later than 2007 July 26, in PDF)
  • a LIF specification document (version 1, from no later than 2006 April 3, in PDF)
  • numerous LIF datasets
  • public sample images

We would like to have:


Pixels: 5 - Outstanding

Metadata: 4 - Very Good

Openness: 4 - Very Good

Presence: 3 - Good

Utility: 4 - Very Good

Additional Information

Please note that while we have specification documents for this format, we are not able to distribute them to third parties.

LAS stands for “Leica Application Suite”. AF stands for “Advanced Fluorescence”.

Commercial applications that support LIF include:

Versions of Bio-Formats prior to 5.3.3 incorrectly calculated the physical pixel width and height. The physical image width and height were divided by the number of pixels, which was inconsistent with the official Leica LIF specification documents. Versions 5.3.3 and later correctly calculate physical pixel sizes by dividing the physical image size by the number of pixels minus one. To revert to the old method of physical pixel size calculation in 5.3.3 and later, set the leicalif.old_physical_size option to true. This can be done on the command line using showinf -option, in ImageJ via the configuration window, or via the API using the DynamicMetadataOptions class.