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The following documentation is split into four parts. About Bio-Formats explains the goal of the software, discusses how it processes metadata, and provides other useful information such as version history and how to report bugs. User Information focuses on how to use Bio-Formats as a plugin for ImageJ and Fiji, and also gives details of other software packages which can use Bio-Formats to read and write microscopy formats. Developer Documentation covers more indepth information on using Bio-Formats as a Java library and how to interface from non-Java codes. Finally, Formats is a guide to all the file formats currently supported by Bio-Formats.

Bio-Formats 5.3.0 uses the June 2016 release of the OME Model.

Bio-Formats is a community project and we welcome your input. You can find guidance on Reporting a bug, upload files to our QA system for testing, and contact us via our mailing lists or forums. Further information about how the OME team works and how you can contribute to our projects is in the Contributing Developer Documentation.